Justine Cardigan

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After many requests, we have designed a cardigan with buttons all the way down. The scoop at the bottom adds a flattering finish. V-neck cut, with long sleeve finish. This can be paired up with a collared shirt & scarf for a more formal look, or worn casually over jeans and a cami. If you prefer to layer this look, then we recommend that you purchase one size bigger to allow for under garments. 

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Our styles are all named after someone. Sometimes its someone who has inspired the style, someone close to us, someone random, there is no set rule …. Here is how the "Justine" got its name. the story behind the Justine goes like this (bear with us, our brains jump from one thing to the next)
“Mmmm, this scoop reminds me of a T-shirt, it’s a Jersey t-shirt ➡️ ( May we insert at this stage, that T-shirt is in fact the wrong word, it should have been shirt, but hey, my brain was on a fast moving tangent) ➡️ so jersey t-shirt gives us initials J.T ➡️ heeeeyyy that’s Justin Timberlake ➡️ No, Justin is a boys name, we can’t call our style The Justin ????➡️ heeeeey, but we can call it The JUSTINE!!” And there you have it folks... how the Justine got its name ????